Caravan CD


Nick Power – Caravan LP : AV8-13

Limited Editon CD with a signed lyric booklet and a print of the CD cover. This CD also comes with a signed lyric sheet,


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Nick Power – Caravan CD : AV8-13

(Limited Edition CD With Print, Lytric Booklet  and Signed Lyric Sheet)

Nick Powers rare solo album , released on Vinyl for the first time which includes a previously unavailable track. This Limited Edition CD comes with a booklet including all the lyrics and the story of caravan. A second insert will have a small frameable version of the album artwork and also a  signed lyric sheet.


  • Caravan
  •  Hurricane
  • Jenny Said
  • What I’d Give
  • Sing Along
  •  Joe
  • Sleeping In My Car
  • I Talk To Trees
  • Time’s A Ghost
  • These Are The Things
  • Every Passing Train
  • Last Will And Testament
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